F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions

1. In what format are the videos?

The videos are made in 16: 9 format with HD quality so they can be displayed on mobile phone, iPads, laptops and full HD televisions.

All videos are made from the images created by our digital artists with remixed themes under the copyright of DJ Masters and other collaborators. They are unique subjects, only available in our web.


2. How long are the videos?

All videos run for between 15 seconds and 4 minutes. They include images and sound.


3. What copyright does the videos have?

All videos have the copyright reserved for use, copying and non-commercial distribution. Commercial use license can be obtained by contacting our support department to arrange them in advertising campaigns, commercial events.etc.

For commercial use of large format, the prices vary according to the number of reproductions. All license prices are customized according to the customer.

4. In what formats are images available?

All the images are available in HD format with different heights and widths, which perfectly adapt to any digital device or physical media available in the market for printing.

  • Small digital formats
  • Smartphones,iPads,Tablets.
  • Digital Readers
  • Medium and large digital format
  • Laptops, High-Touch Pads.
  • Full HD Televisions, Displays and Projectors
  • Physical Formats Printed
  • From mugs, t-shirts or posters.
  • DUp to impressions on posters and large print editions.

5. What are the copyright of the images?

All images have the copyright reserved for private use in all non-commercial formats. They can be used with commercial right in Web Templates and for mobile applications, as long as they are of limited use.

The rights reserved for large commercial editions, as well as the shared or total transfer of rights, will be tramed through our commercial department, individual and privately for each of our clients.

6. Can I share or modify the images?

All our images can be shared in a particular way in different social networks as long as they are adapted to the following cases.

The images can be shared in a particular way between clients or through social networks, having to fulfill the requirements described in Terms and Conditions. The terms of use described in this document affect the local and international level. For any legal consultation you can contact our department.

The images can be modified only to add text, as an example, for a greeting, Christmas or other kind of private texts, as long as they are not offensive, discriminatory or violate any local or international law. The size, color or general composition of the image can not be manipulated partially or totally in any case, as well as the metadata of the works.

7. How can I access the galleries?

Access to the gallery of images and videos is done through the categories bar that is on the homepage of our website.


The images are cataloged by subject and have a description and individual information of each one. They also have a zoom option to preview it in full screen. Once selected the image that we just need to click on add to cart and will be available for purchase. The videos are cataloged by themes and duration with a description of the video. Once selected, you can click on add to cart to be able to buy it directly.

8. How is the purchase process?

The process of buying our items is done through the selection with the "add to cart" button.

The added items will be displayed in the upper right of the website in the "Shopping Cart" section with the title of the product and the individual price.

To complete the purchase, you have to click on the green "Subtotal" button where you will be taken to the Checkout screen to select the payment method.

9. How often can I download the purchased images?


All our images and videos once acquired by our customers, are at your disposal to download for a maximum period of one year without added cost.

You can access your images from your personal profile and download them directly to your personal computer or electronic device that you want.

10. Do I have to register to buy my pictures and videos?

To purchase our images and videos you must register only once. You can also access more services available on our website and inform you of our news.

Registered users have at their disposal iFlayer through Facebook, Twitter and Google +.All news about images, videos and events will be available.

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