What is iFlayer!  





A digital artist committed to his works, he has been doing digital works in various formats for advertising campaigns all over the world for over 10 years. He is a specialist in online marketing, image editing, video and audio. An authentic enthusiast who puts all her heart and time in each of her creations.

All my passion I dedicate to improving day by day, creating in the details a soul of my own for each of my creations..


Co-founder and Digital Artist of iFlayer Design Ltd.





DJ Masters


Systems administrator and professional programmer has dedicated more than 20 years to everything related to information technology. But his true vocation has always been electronic music and web design. An authentic enthusiast of electronic gadgets, lover of robotic manga and house music.

Hours and more hours of musica house of the 90, my laptop and a good manga movie is all I need in this world...

DJ Masters

Co-founder and Webmaster of iFlayer Design Ltd.




Our passion is what drives us to create digital images so that everyone can enjoy and feel, identifying through them.


As a craftsman, precision dedicates to detail, choosing the tones, colors, shines and masks effects of each of the creations, are done step by step and carefully to be enjoyed as a classic work of art.


The end result fills us with pride to each and every one of the artists who participate in the creative process and we hope that you too...

More then 10 years of experience

Our dedication and professionalism towards our clients is the maximum that we like to follow at all times when we start projects.

We address any creative needs with an open mind so creative ideas flow between our customers and us. A simple idea brought to reality directly and concisely.